Sunbathing Snow Pegasus

     Despite a wintry mix this morning, things had cleared up and warmed up so Porsche, in typical CA fashion, was soaking up the rays (all the horses were actually!). A good grooming session, and she was putty in my hands :)

A Happy Camper, no blanket, no clip, lots of space (I swear this horse wants to be feral as much as possible, LOL)

The other boarders have opted out of turn-out time in the snow, but after watching Porsche play in it (mostly rolling, but I saw when she walked into a drift above her knees, she stopped dead in her tracks, and sniffed and then carefully backed herself out (such a little smarty-pants) I felt that her self-preservation skillz were legit, and she wasn't gonna do anything silly, so Porsche is getting 24-7 access to the arena and LOVING every minute of it. Her run is underneath the roof drainage, so I'm glad she can be out of the swimming pool there as much as possible.  

She is obviously enjoying it: she left a Snow Pegasus napping in the sun! 

and in exciting news - I secured our spot at the new facility, and Porsche and I will be moving there around April 1st! Hooray!


  1. So glad you'll have a new place to go! I don't really know why people don't let their horses out in the snow. As long as it isn't icy, it's perfectly safe, and it's great for their legs!

  2. congratulations on the new digs! Snow is fine for horses. Ice is the issue. Not snow. they are smart and avoid the deep areas.

  3. Ppl are so funny about the snow! My guys love it.


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