Should've gone with my gut.....

One thing I've never liked at Tesla's barn is the round pen.

It is non-electrified tape and it has made me uneasy since I visited the barn. But as time has passed, and Tesla has mined her P's and Q's in there, I let down my guard...

She was super good tonight, but when I asked for a change of direction she was eager to please and misjudged how close she was to the fence and got tangled:

The fence is meant to break, but Tesla got wrapped up in the long ribbon... I yelled "WHOA" like an opera singer and she stopped on a dime (so glad that button is installed!!)

As I doctored up some scrapes I thought about what had happened.

I need to trust my gut. Even if experts say it is safe and recommend something, if I feel uneasy about it for my horse, I need to go with my instincts.

This isn't the first time she has had a scrape with the ribbon wire: I noticed a cut/some swelling a few weeks back - she cut herself in exactly the same spot today. If the fence had been electrified, I can only shudder to think what would've happened.  For my horse, hot tape is not an option.

The snow has caused delays with the property, so it will be at least few months before I will have things set up for the girls, but I can't wait to have them at home!!


  1. Oh no! I am glad she is OK. If it makes you feel any better I am the same way --- I really need to learn to trust my gut too.

  2. It will be so nice to have them home, with the set-up how you like. Glad she's ok!


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