No perfect horses, just perfect fits

While at the barn today, I was chatting with one of the other owners. Porsche had wriggled out of her liner somehow with all the itchy rollies, and S. had pulled her out and re-adjusted it a few evenings ago. As she kept talking, she kept mentioning how Porsche seemed much more at ease with me, and how she had lifted a back leg when she went to take Porsche's blanket off....

and I realized S. was actually afraid of Porsche. 
And now that I think about it, Porsche's first leaser G. was also afraid of her as well.

But butter wouldn't melt in my mouth....

and it got me thinking, seriously thinking. As owners it is easy to be blind to our own horses' behaviour.  So, objectively what would I say?

I would say this horse has saved my a** more than once. If she feels you getting unbalanced, she will try her best not to dump you. My sister once forgot to tighten her girth, the saddle slipped and she ended up underneath her and this little mare just froze while we got it all sorted out. She is careful and sure-footed: I've never felt unsafe on or around her ever, period. 

This horse was bred to be a high octane racing machine. She is never gonna be a stoic, doesn't blink an eye kind of horse. This girl can and does like to GO and likes a job. But she is super tolerant of rider errors, this horse can certainly take a joke (...or three).

Does she spook sometimes? What horse doesn't with abominable snow llamas lurking? But it is never teleporting.

If she steps on your toe will she step off? Nope, you better make sure you are wearing boots.

SO true....

Is she a Mare (with a capital M) and haz opinions? You betcha. She sometimes bucks when I put the blanket on (how's that for communication, forget touching pictures with her nose, LOL)

Does she have some baggage? Yes she hates farriers after being repeatedly hot-nailed (some incompetence and some just bad hoof genes), but will let me do her feet no problem. She is not a fan of her ears being touched, cause she was ear twitched at the track (we are working on it, but it will never be something she enjoys, just tolerates)

Do you have to earn her trust? 100% but it really only takes a few belly rubs and trail rides.

 and I thought about S's draft cross who is pushing 30. All they both want to really do is putter around bareback and they are the perfect fit for each other.

We all know there are no perfect horses, but despite all our flaws, there certainly are perfect fits.


  1. Ah mares. They need to get to know you first. Or at least mares like Carmen and Porsche.

    1. But when you get them on your team, there is nothing they won't do for you!!


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