If you're not part of the solution.....

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In the last hurrah of winter, there was a snowstorm on Wednesday (when I was scheduled for barn chores).  It was a nasty wintery mix and the roads were icy slick, so I notified the barn owner that it was unsafe for me to drive out to the barn due to the weather conditions (school buses were sliding off the road...))

I then contacted S. and offered to pick up one of her chore days, since she would have extra mucking to do (BO doesn't do mucking) and we both agreed I'd pick up her chores on Sunday evening and call it square.

I got the following message from BO the next morning:

Since I didn't hear from you about a solution to missed chores last night, and S. comes tonight and we will have double the manure load, my recommendation would be she not muck Friday, and you will have that double manure on Saturday. I hope this is a satisfactory solution, no answer means yes.

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...yes satisfactory to everyone but the horses standing in their own filth so that we can play petty let's get even.  (This after I showed up around noon on a weekend and the horses had not been fed. I did the morning chores and there was zero talk of making "a solution to missed chores". 

I can't even. This woman has no business running any sort of horse establishment.

It fired me up so much, I called around to see if any place had openings: and I absolutely lucked out with a place opening up on April 1st near to where the new house will be :) There is lots of trails and pasture turn-out and unlimited hay - so it will give me peace of mind knowing Porsche is being well cared for (by folks who love horses) while I get my own set-up in place.


  1. It does not sound like a good place to be. Standing in filth and having erratic feed times is a recipe for disaster.

  2. UGH! That woman sounds like a nightmare. Glad you found a better solution.

  3. :O

    Making the chore load even is none of her business!! Making sure chores get done, sure. Making sure you pick up extra for what you missed, sure. But having someone else skip a day to punish you?!

    No answer means yes.


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