Snow? What snow?

Porsche on the other hand doesn't care about snow, but cares ALOT about her new Dressage Boyfriend ;)

LOL - Wish I could get her to move this fancy under saddle ;)

I popped on her bareback and we walked around in the arena - she did one good spook when the neighbor's llama walked out into the snow, cause yeah it looked impressive:

like this

but it is hard to spook too fast in knee high drifts. Of course I forgot to take a between the ears pic - but I did get one of the arena aftermath!

Can you see our 20meter circle? hahahaha!

I gave her a good curry afterwards with plenty of belly rubs.

This mare is happiest when she is doin' her job (such a TB!)


  1. I miss riding in the snow and omg llamas! That will help with bombproofing... :)

  2. Spooking at llamas seems legit. Lol.

  3. I couldn't even see the llama, he blended in so well - an abominable snow monster looming up out of the barn haha!


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