Not A Snow Plough (Horse)

The roads were clear enough that I could make it out to the barn in my little no-4wd tin can car without fear of being stranded.

The BM had texted for some help mucking stalls and clearing out 4ft snow drifts, and since I had a snow day and the roads were drivable for me, I headed over to lend a hand!

I went a back way, and then had to backtrack when the side road wasn't plowed :P

I had several granny smith apples for Tesla, which she appreciated, but she was obviously over the snow. Apparently she had been playing and loving it the first day, and now the thrill is definitely gone. She has never liked uneven ground or slipping, and guess what feet of snow lots of both!.... no surprise that the Princess Pony wants perfect footing at all times lol. The BM's little kid was playing in the snow nearby and jumping up from behind snow piles (which of course sent the mares snorting and prancing, until they were both too tired (frolicking in snow is hard work LOL) - kid, I should pay you for all the desensitizing work you're doing for me - could you hold this umbrella too? ;)

I can't come over to see you cause there is snow

Literally, I can't move in all this snow

Oh hai, we leave snow now???

The horses on the other side of the property have run-ins with an open side, and the wind blew the snow inside! Mental note to self:

Loafing shed with door-sized opening (like those at previous barn):

trumps loafing shed with open side (like this):

Also I think hotwire for large seasonal pasture areas will be OK, but I do think Tesla would do better with panels or wire fencing around her paddock- She acts like she thinks she is going to be zapped at any second, silly girl!


  1. I'm with her. Snow is only fun for about an hour a year.

  2. When Carmen first arrived here she hated the snow and was terrified of the fence. She is now far more relaxed about it all.


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