My favourite 2018 purchase: Dublin River Boots

Last year, when my rain boots bit the dust, I wanted to invest in something that would last more than one season....
 I had a pair of Tony Lama western boots - but those suckers took me SO LONG to break in - my feet were killing me, but now they fit like a glove and I want to keep them forever and ever and never wear them in mud)..

I liked the look of the Dubarry's (but the price tag was a bit steep for mucking out....)

Then I stumbled onto a Riding Warehouse close-out sale, and there they were, in just my 9.5 size.

On sale, and a $25 gift card with purchase made these boots under $75.


I have tromped all over creation in these - mucking, mud, you name it and they are as good looking as the day I bought them. I have oiled them up with my Gravity saddle conditioner, but that's it!

My only complaint? They can get a bit hot sometimes (I can't really do Uggs) but for barn chores in 22C at 6pm - these are perfect!

as well as and for walking around in snowmageddon :D

5 out of 5 stars!