Continuing the tale of 2 barns: Barn B

Meanwhile, Tesla is boarding at Barn B (~20min. up the road from Porsche). 

This facility is run by genuine horse folks - the ones who will text you that your horses' blanket isn't holding waterproof in the torrential storm, will loan you a spare, and even go out at night and put it on your horse (along with a liner packed in your tack trunk) cause there was a debacle with your car shipping dates and you are stranded at your apartment. My kind of horse people :) 

Modeling her new 81 rain sheet.

There was also a potluck party at this barn. It was exciting to see such a large turn-out of folks from a variety of disciplines, and Trainer A was super welcoming and kind. Everyone loved Tesla's distinct markings LOL - she does have that "Look-at-me" air about her. Some of the plans included a desensitizing clinic (YAY!) as well as some wonderful clinicians :D

Tesla's paddock is next to a 15yr old medicine hat mare named Spice who makes Tesla look like a kids horse by comparison. Spice is an Oldenburg cross (who looks like a paint) and Tesla is a Paint who looks like a warmblood, Spice's owner and I had a good laugh about that.

It will be interesting to have Tess next to a horse that is hotter than she is - hopefully she will learn to "tune-out" what her neighbour is up to.... Tess does have a lazy streak in her, one I hope I can use to my advantage!

We had a great opportunity to put that to the test yesterday. Someone was chainsawing trees on a property nearby, spooking some quarter horses in the field across the street, and spooking Spice while I was working Tesla in the round pen. (aside: my only hesitation about the entire facility is this round pen. It is made of electrical tape, but not electrified (we could ask for it to be) - I don't think this is a great situation for free-longing either way, so I will only be working Tess in a cavesson and long-line in that particular round pen set-up, so I can curtail any exuberant antics if needed). 

Tesla had a few moments, but for the amount of time she had off, working in a new place with some bonkers going on in eyeshot, she did great, I put on some pressure as needed, and for awhile she was putting her nervous energy into some beautiful trot work :D
Tess eventually relaxed and then was soft and listening - she was moving really well over her back, and I could see she was enjoying the stretching (and all the praise LOL).

After work riding in this arena hopefully in a few weeks!!