B.C. is a cat who knows what he wants.

When the snow hit, B.C. came to the realization that his friendship with Porsche was not as mutual as he had hoped (She kept consuming his comfy hay beds) and that he was not being treated in the manner to which he felt he richly deserved. With word on the cul-de-sac was there was a nearby garage serving Fancy Feast dinners from the can morning and night, as well as harbouring a heated cat house: B.C. decided to investigate. 
Did the fact that said cat house was already occupied deter B.C? Not a whit. He proceeded to evict the current resident and take over the rental, drenching the entire place with his custom cologne to seal the deal. When the landlords heard (and scented) the eviction of their current tenant, needless to say, B.C. quickly wore out his welcome. Attempts to forcibly remove him from the property proved futile, and they resorted to bribery, relinquishing their claim on the heated cat house, even agreeing to relocate it to his former address. To seal the deal, B.C. was able to negotiate private chef delivery service of Fancy Feasts to his new doorstep. 

B.C. is a cat who knows what he wants. Be like B.C.