Blogger Gift Exchange 2018

I'm got the best Blogger gift from Nicole & Murray & Jellinore - and I have absolutely no pictures, because I turned my back for a second, and it got packed safely away into a box and put in storage for my move!!!!

Nicole sent me a mini Tesla quilted pony!!!

Not as magical as mine ;)

The hint I gave was my eventing colours: Black/white/grey with a pop of orange red, and Nicole did those exact colours with a streak of red-orange in the mane (cause, ya know, Tess is only a little hot head lol). and she even nailed Tesla's blaze to a t!!

I promise pictures will be coming - just as soon as I find a place to unpack all those boxes in.

Nicole, you ROCK!!!


  1. That's an awesome gift! Can't wait to see the real thing!

  2. aw that's really sweet! one blogger (who sadly isn't actively writing anymore) gave me a crochet mini Izzy for the blogger gift exchange a couple years ago and it is just the sweetest thing! Mini Izzy lives in my truck and comes to all our adventures with us <3

  3. How awesome!! Those quilt ponies are ADORABLE <3


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