Don't pick fights you can't win

 Spoiler alert: I won.

In preparation for the move I brought both girls back to the folks ranch: it is easier to coordinate the move from there. They have access to two pastures, both about 2 acres each, as well as a paddock. Pasture A shares a fence with the neighbors herd of geldings + 1 burro, while Pasture B has a pipe paddock. Because Tesla gets protective about her food, I have Porsche out in Pasture A, and Tesla in Pasture/paddock B (but they can still cuddle over the fence after dinner ;)

The other evening I brought Tess out of her paddock and was trimming her feet. She was being super quiet and sweet (cause I've been going 100 miles per hour and haven't been able to give her 1-on-1 time every night lol). But as I led her around the property, I could see she was super fresh and needed a work out. So I grabbed my trusty cavesson, longe line and whip and headed out to into pasture B to work her.  There were a lot of distractions: a raft of turkeys walking by, someone tractoring in the field behind, it was close to dinner-time, and Porsche was free in the next door pasture, but I felt Tess could handle it....

I is listening now.... womp womp

and she did, that is until the Porsche took off running in the adjacent pasture, screaming like a banshee, tail straight in the air, and proceeded to get the geldings worked up in their pasture - even the little burro was bucking!

pretty much this but with screaming, naughty instigator!

Actually the burro has such a huge head, all he has to do is lower it and his hind legs are in the air!

Needless to say Tesla went full on tantrum. Bucking, leaping, stallion snort, you name it, she tried it - but I kept her working and shut down any escalations with a hard verbal 'NO!" and a yank on the cavesson (which she really respects). Although it looked bad (My Mum was watching - and I think I nearly scared her to death - why do horses always know when the folks are watching?!) I didn't feel out-of-control or in danger at any point, and I had the tools I needed in hand. After about 5 minutes or so of antics, Tess settled down to some beautiful work and was happy to get her "good girl" and come to the center for some ear rubs, and acquiesce to being a polite law-abiding citizen once again.

So, our homework is definitely to do more work with distractions occurring (not that I want Porsche to run screaming all the time). I don't pick fights, but I sure as heck better be able to finish them ;)


  1. It is such an important lesson- to listen even when all hell s breaking loose

  2. isnt that always the way? Get ready to go and the other horses try to start trouble ;)

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