A Gift Horse Bloghop: Redo

I am late to the party - but I did want to jump in on this bloghop.  Genny asks, what is that one thing you would do over?

and I would say, if I could magically go back in time, I would definitely have exposed Tesla to more commotion early on.

My parents have a idyllic little set up that is super peaceful, and while exposure to rafts of turkeys (and a peacock!) cows, chilling-out next to swinging hammocks, and the darling burro braying next door was good for Tesla, and helped build trust early on, I think, had I exposed her to more things, it would be easier on her now. Definitely keeping that bit of wisdom for any future prospects :)

Also here is an old video of Baby Tesla - I think in one of her first longing sessions soon after we got her. Love how the cat makes a cameo :D We've BOTH come a loooong way!