Hot Mess

For the most part, Tesla is a invisible heat kind of gal. I almost never know when she is in season - but she was an absolute hot mess tonight. She had all the fellas on the property in a tizzy, alternating between this:

and this:

She was over-reacting to everything, so I had her stretch her legs in the round pen and then gave her some quality pampering time, with some Masterson Method, her Back-on-Track Quarter sheet, and lots of face brushing (her all-time favourite). She was definitely more relaxed when I put her to bed with her scoop. 

Oh Mares, LOL.


  1. Those graphics are so perfect! Mares indeed... This is why I stick with geldings! (And the occasional stallion.)

    1. LOL - yeah, if she was like this all the time I'd be a gelding person too :)


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