Barn #1 and then.....

So I gotta say, you all nailed my choice of Barn #1. and I was 100% ready to send both girls there - but then, an unexpected opportunity came up for a free 6 month lease at a small 5 horse co-op barn closer to work, with an arena, stalls with dry runs, and access to 14 miles of groomed trails (some of which lead to wineries!). All I needed was to provide my own feedstuff, and do barn chores on 6 afternoons per month and it was mine!

While having the gals at two different barns isn't ideal (they are only like 15min. from each other) - it does give me a bit more flexibility, a chance to get to know the area and local horse folks, and I'm looking forward to lots of long trail-rides with Porsche this winter!


  1. That sounds really good. Only room for one horse? And what happens after 6 months?

    1. A permanent spot could open up at the co-op....and if not I'll put her over with Tesla :)


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