Ready for the Circus Maximus

Tesla was in a really good mindset when I went out to the barn, so after a few turns in the round pen, I decided to ground-drive her in some arena traffic. We have done a lot of solo work driving, and some traffic work with Porsche, and she was in a good headspace to take the plunge tonight.

It was busy - but not quite Chariot Race busy LOL.

There were 3 other horses in the arena as well as a bunch of jumps set up. As I was hitching up the long lines, Tesla sidled over to see if the pink filler flowers were edible...and when they weren't proceeded to walk over the little jump. Love that she feels comfortable enough to just be curious and explore <3 <3 <3

Tesla is super good with arena traffic when I'm leading her, BUT, when she is at the end of the reins/longe line all by herself, she can get unsure. The ground-driving gives me a great opportunity to make her face her fears, without me being her security blanket ;)


We had a few moments when a fellow rider was cantering towards us and Tesla got a bit wiggly, but with some encouragement that we MUST GO FORWARD, and lots of praise and peanuts, she quickly got the game and walked and trotted around the arena like a champ.

We had horses coming in all directions: towards us, next to us, with us on the rail, and in the middle, and while we were walking over cross rails - it was a super positive and confidence gaining experience for Tesla - I'm excited to try it a few more times (especially with some of the more amp'd horses) and then I feel confident I've set her up for success and we can start riding in traffic!!!


  1. You are giving all the chances to learn which is awesome.


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