Jumping Greenbean + 6 Point Saddle Fit Half Pad Review

Prepping for the Green as Grass show next weekend with jump lesson #2!

I can see lots to work on for me - but the Porsche was super game and handled everything: bending lines, a 2-stride line at a canter, and the last 2-foot rail, and packed me around with ease ;)

I was better about not landing on her back - even tho' I was behind the motion. My homework is to continue working on my 2-point position!!

The Porsche's feet are feeling great and she is moving well (knock on wood).  and after our lesson she got adjusted by our Chiro Dr. Jess (along with Tesla) who said they both held their adjustments well from last time (yippee!)

In order for the unicorn saddle to perfectly fit Porsche, I did need to source a shimmable half pad. I have a Diamond Wool Half Pad - but I really needed some lift in the front of the saddle for more shoulder clearance (she has plenty of wither clearance).  So when I spied a like new Total Saddle Fit 6 Point Half Pad with wither relief for half price on Ebay - I nabbed it.

I ended up with a white pad with natural wool, I would've preferred a black one but I won't argue with a good deal :D

This pad has very good construction. The wool edging is more like the Therawool on a fleeceworks pad (i.e. wool woven into fabric) than a luxurious Mattes pad (i.e. real sheepskin) so it isn't quite as plush/impact absorbing (but is also quite a lower price point!).  I LOVE the withers cutout design - if you have a horse with shark-fins: this is the pad for you!

The shims are a bit tricky to get in and out of the pockets - they fit super snugly and although there is a nifty bit of engineering on how the velcro folds over to close the pockets, it takes a bit of work to get them in. On the plus side - this means the shims are gonna stay put, but would make it time consuming to use this pad for multiple horses with different shim needs on the same day.