Gimme your best Show tips!!

So, the Porsche and I are entered in our first show ever this weekend!

We will do the Dressage 2015 USDF Introductory Level Test A, and then a Stadium Jumping class up to 1', no oxers or fillers.

Green as Grass, here we come!

What's your favourite tips and/or show advice for us newbies ;) 


  1. Good luck! Just enjoy yourself!

  2. aw fun - hope you guys have a blast!! and.... honestly that's my best advice haha, just enjoy it ;) oh, and plan extra time for literally everything bc it's a well established fact that zippers don't zip and buckles don't buckle on show day haha

    1. Already planning on braiding the night before ;)

  3. Have fun! I'm with Emma; it'll take you longer than you think to do everything. If you somehow end up on super early, just go for a long walk around.

  4. My weird tip is to take a girth in the next size up with you (for a short billet saddle). For some reason my horse always poofed up while tacking up at a show and I couldn't get my regular girth on.
    Otherwise, give yourself lots of time for when something goes wonky, and have fun!


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