Fun Aside with Barn Friends (Part Deux)

Olivia and I made plans to meet up for some sidesaddle fun on a free weekend.  Sidesaddle is something that every equestrian should try at least once in their life - after all for MANY years it was the only way gals could ride along with the fellas :)

My saddle is a 1919 Mayhew Lissadell named Verda (all the girls name their saddles, it's a thing :). 
I purchased her after attending a sidesaddle clinic: it was my attempt to get my youngest sister into horses (Look! You can even ride in a dress!! ....epic fail, but I really enjoyed it more than I had expected so I've kept her, and plan on throwing Verda a 100th birthday party next year.

Olivia did great for her first time! It is so tricky to get the balance right, it uses a completely different muscle set from regular riding, although cueing off the weight in your seat bones is the same.  The trick is to be crooked to be straight (i.e. weight on your right thigh and right shoulder back to counter balance)

Blogger meet-ups are the best! 


  1. That looks like fun. I’ve always wanted to try side saddle.

  2. So awesome that you have a side saddle AND know how to use it! Olivia looks great up there!


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