Step on the Gas

Tesla and I spent some quality time in the arena practicing the things Trainer S. had recommended: sending her forward promptly, sending her over jump poles etc. and sending her through tight spaces.

I actually saw that Eliza Wallace was doing a similar thing with her mustang, Dorado!

Trainer S. suggested I be very firm about going forward - and Tess had some opinions about that. We had a few moments of all four off the floor but then she settled down into this new game and was very good about it.

I made sure to dispense tons of treats for correct answers, and let her hand-graze for a bit afterwards. She got hosed off, sprayed with Equifuse/Fly Spray and I plopped her in front of the fan - she figured out real quick that she liked it :D

I stood in front of the fan and was blocking it - someone was not thrilled about that LOL