Musical Chairs

When a spot opened up in the mares pasture a few weeks back...the barn manager offered it to Porsche and I (we were on the wait list for an opening) and since things were shuffling, I decided to move Tesla into the paddock Porsche had been in. That paddock is $100 less per month (yay for savings!) and I've seen that it drains well in the winter rains (double yay for feetsies!), and it is close to Tesla's favourite zoom-zoom, Bentley (triple score!)

Got a new-to-me vintage photo lens, It's all manual (so getting the focus/f-stop/shutter speed just right can be tricky..

I knew Porsche was pretty docile in mixed pastures before - usually ending up in the middle - but the mares in this particular pasture must be tough cookies (well I know they are 'cause there is a pony running the show, LOL). She is definitely bottom of the barrel and they are not really accepting her into their exclusive clickey club at all (it's like Jr. High out there!). We had to do a bit of maneuvering - they were shutting her out of the water trough, so extra water buckets were added around the pasture.  She dropped a bit of weight - apparently she was running the fenceline when she first got introduced (looking for some way to escape, poor baby) but finally this week, she seems to have settled in.

I've changed my routine a bit, and put her in a day-stall to polish off her scoops while I work Tesla. (No way could I feed her in the pasture - the bullies would steal her lunch ;) And I'm seeing those hard won pounds come right back on! I'm also seeing some amazing changes in her feet, as some retained sole finally clears out.