Equestrian Style with OPI Pop Culture

My fingers work hard both at the lab bench and at the barn. So to try and keep things semi-professional, I keep my nails super short and often throw a coat of polish on.

after a week of hard use, it's growing out ;)

and one polish has blown me away and stayed on with zero chipping and almost no wear through a week of ponies and lab gloves: OPI Pop Culture


It comes in a few fun colours that are popular with riders: 
(I got the "Hate to Burst Your Bubble: Yellow)

no fussing with top coats and base coats - just two swipes and it dries very fast.

Although the texture looks dramatic in these photos - I didn't find it so in person.

If you want to add a pop of bright colour to your match-matchy equestrian show ensemble, or to mask your hardworking barn nails like me, this is the polish for you!!


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