Old Dog, New Tricks

I rode Porsche for the first time since her adjustment - and she felt Amazing! Super bendy and relaxed and I could feel her stretching her ribcage and reaching under herself. YAY!

There were some ground poles set up in the arena - so I decided to have her back over them (like I've done with Tesla) before we started our ride.

She offered something like this LOL: side step along the pole

It took about 10 minutes until she got what I wanted instead of trying to dodge out from between the poles..but when she got it right she was super pleased with herself (and I made sure to make a big fuss :)

I made her do it again under saddle a few times at the end of our ride....it's easy for me to get complacent with a "steady eddy" and I need to remind myself to challenge the Porsche with new exercises and skills as much as I do with Tesla :)