These boots were made for Dressagin': Cavallo Grand Prix Review

After returning the Dehners for a refund (lesson learned on after-market zippers) and with all my measurements in tow, I proceeded to keep an eye out for a suitable dressage show/clinic boot (so I can keep that new years resolution)

After several oilings (these boots were thirsty!)

And when a very lightly used show pair of Cavallo Grand Prix Plus popped up in my modest price range, I pounced! It is a retired model (now replaced with the Grand Prix Pro - except for the logo change they look identical, retail ~$575), online reviews were few - nothing concrete....but, I was able to check the sizing charts and wonder of wonders I am an exact match for their 7XLW which is exactly what these boots are.

Grand Prix Pro (same boot as mine except no logo on the side)

I love the "hidden" inside zipper - it is invisible while in the saddle, and allows for a neater look from the back, and trimmer through the ankle (but still with all the convenience of a zipper!) These boots look much more expensive than they actually are - but they definitely have zero aspect of "personal style expression". These are workman-like boots to get the job done.

Little logo tab on the back

I put a pair of heel lifts in, which puts them at the perfect height behind my knee.

Oh, Hai Dover catalogs - they make great heavy boot trees ;)

Riding in the correct gear really makes a difference - because these boots are stiff, they helped prevent me from "nagging" with my heels. I did end up with one small rub on the inside of the left heel (will wear a thicker sock next time :) - but no rubbing or pinching or anything anywhere else! Its like they were custom made for me (how can a girl get so lucky?!)