Style my Stock

When I went browsing for a stock tie - I came across this one from Le Fash which I just loved the look of...and the slight modern take with the piping - but the very traditional self-tie knot.

- but it was crazy expensive, and sold out to boot.

I spammed a few online trading groups, and lo and behold - someone had one secondhand for a steal - in navy, but honestly who could tell? 

So I need your help in deciding what tie pin looks best: My jacket will be black with silver buttons, and I don't really go for any bling (Tesla's blaze/crazy eye is quite enough chrome, LOL). I liked the idea of something vintage or vintage-looking but My Grandma didn't really collect a lot of pins/brooches, so I didn't have a piece of hers I could wear...

Option 1: Horseshoe pin from here

Option 2: Horseshoe Nail Pin (I found a vintage one on Ebay)

Option 3: Mourning Bar Pin (from here)

Or I can go with the classic giant diaper pin ;)

What would you pick? (Or do you have a favourite stock tie pin?)


  1. Personally I like the mourning bar pin. Or the horseshoe. But the mourning bar is super intriguing to me, and it looks very unique while still looking pretty classic. It's up to you of course!


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