Review: Hoof Armor

After my lesson with Trainer S. - I noticed that Porsche was slightly off behind. I video'd me riding her, and didn't see anything noticeable on the playback - she longed perfectly sound but just felt a bit off under saddle. No swelling or tenderness anywhere - but I did see a bit of sole bruising coming to the surface on a hind foot, despite applying Keratex ~5 days/week for the past month or it was time to look into other options...Boots were an option, but I kinda wanted something that would give her 24-7 protection, so I went looking for what the latest hoof protectants on the market were, and came across: Hoof Armour. (its a mixture of urethane and kevlar - "so basically a bullet proof vest" a co-worker joked). I found it at Riding Warehouse, and for $50 for a starting kit, it seemed like the most budget-friendly option to start with (a decent hoof boot runs ~$50-75 each). I watched a bunch of online videos about how to apply it, and armed with a tub of baby powder, I did it last Friday.

  Initial impressions: I really like the difference I can see in Porsche's hoof. I can feel the slick layer over the sole when I pick her feet out, and it is definitely keeping a barrier against excess moisture and muck. She feels much more comfortable under saddle - I'm not seeing any additional sole bruising. She still walks a bit gingerly over the gravelly spots to and from the barn - so it definitely isn't a one application miracle. But, she does seem to be more comfortable - and her sassy/cuddly attitude tells me she is feeling good about life in general :) Two thumbs up!


  1. hm, interesting! i wonder what farriers have to say about it!

    1. It is very well known in the barefoot/endurance communities. Anything that withstands the Tevis cup is worth a try :)


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