What (not) to Wear

So one of the last big things on my list of show attire (now that I have tall boots, yippee!) is a show coat. It will need to work for both a black and a blood bay...and I'm kinda stumped at all the options!

There are so many styles out there, from traditional to modern...

Like this uber modern one (which I like the look of - but only comes in long tails)

Looks good on a dark horse...

I've seen quite a few of the "short tail" coats , which I think look super cute:
I quite like the scooped back on this coat and love the little pocket square

but there is a lot of stuff going on (looking at you blinged out velvet collar and velvet bow in the back...)...and is it a bit ostentatious to wear a coat that almost looks like 4th level when you are just starting out??

This one which only comes in Navy -  I would love feeling like I was supposed to be in a period drama LOL

Ready for Dressagin'?

What are your thoughts on show coats?

Are you in the black, grey or navy camp? (or something more bold....)


  1. I love the color of my maroon coat, but it's a bit warm. I need to get the new maroon mesh one.


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