Trust and R.E.S.P.E.C.T

I am so pleased with how Tess is continuing to look to me for support in "scary" situations to keep her safe. The other night at the barn, it was super windy, and one of the horses in the outside paddock that is right behind the barn got spooked, I could hear him from inside, galloping, snorting and in general losing his mind. That made all the horses in the barn on HIGH ALERT - and there was rearing/snorting/screaming/kicking occurring all along the barn aisles. I quietly unhooked Tesla from the cross ties, and just in case she panicked I held the lead rope, although she got a bit looky-loo, she did not get panicky (despite the silliness all around her ;). 

Treats? I is a good gurl....

When everyone had calmed down, I went to check on the gelding outside - he was fine and came over for a cuddle, so who knows what plastic bag/ lurking monster set him off (his blanket had shifted on the blanket bar - maybe that?) :D Everyone inside the barn was OK too - one horse thought about jumping out of his box, but wisely decided against it at the last moment! 

Tesla was listening just as hard in the arena - and I got some lovely work from her, over poles at trot and canter like they were no big deal :D


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