Porsche Update

I'm pleased to say that the combination of new paddock near friends to reduce pacing, a 2-week round of Omeprezole, and a Fecal Transplant after that are finally beginning to show results:

Exhibit A

She's taping in at around 948 - I'd like her to be closer to 1K, so we are working on that.
Porsche is currently getting 4 flakes of hay + 2 of alfalfa (spread out across 3 feedings per day), 1 and 1/2 scoops of rice bran pellets mixed with Baker Bros grain, 2 Tbsp. of iodized salt, 4oz. California trace plus, 4 Tbsp. AniMed Biotin 100, and 20min. of hand grazing on green grass per day.  I'm finally seeing her weight come up - and her summer coat is coming in soft, silky and metallic.

So Shiny!

She blew her winter coat today, and I kept currying until no more came out. 

So much elbow grease my arms are about to fall off.


  1. She looks great! I can’t wait until mine blow their winter coats

    1. Awwwwhhh thanks! Elbow grease really is magic!

  2. I'm glad to hear that she's on the mend.


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