Gotta keep your sports cars straight...

I sometimes forget which horse I am working with (cause obvs they look like twinsies lol) "Good Girl Tess" just rolls out as one word - I often catch myself saying it to Porsche too!

I was longing Porsche a few nights back, and she had a case of the zoomies, so I went to do what I do with Tesla, I move the whip from pointing at her hip, to pointing at her face, and Tess stops on a dime about 95% of the was automatic on my end, but when I pointed the whip at Porsche's face, she FREAKED out and porpoised as she tried to now outrun the whip, then she decided I was asking her to switch directions...and came to a sliding stop and whirled around the other direction. I threw the whip down and soothed her to a trot, then walk and brought her in for some "sorry, my bad" cuddles. I had totally forgotten that she is much more sensitive about the whip - you NEVER have to snap it - merely holding it is motivation enough....Gotta keep those sports cars straight, cause they each handle just a bit differently LOL!