Dressage Lesson with Trainer S.

Since the Porsche is feeling back to 100%, I scheduled a dressage lesson with Trainer S.

Ready for some dressagin'

Take aways:

1) Real Dressage Boots (the stiff ones!) make for beautiful correct leg position. (i.e. bye-bye wiggly ankles)
Seriously (but I'll review them in their own post :)

2) Porsche likes to lean onto my left leg - so when she does that: 10m circle to the left to rebalance her and get her carrying her own weight. Works at walk, trot and canter.

3) To test this - put my hand forward, if she is balanced, then she will still carry herself.

Overall, Trainer S. remarked that my position was much better and elbows much softer. I do need to make sure I am putting weight evenly in both seat bones (I tend to lift my right seat bone - Porsche tattles by doing lateral work) and work on strengthening my core (hello Pilates and Dressage Rider Training videos!)

Porsche was SO GOOD! She is definitely starting to bloom (finally!!!)
Her perfect leaser is still out there, but in the meantime this little sportscar is helping me become a better rider too :)


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