The Horse Detective

I had recently been finding it difficult to keep weight on Miss Porsche - attributed it to the colder temps and and bumped up her intake of a high quality grain, then when she didn't plump up, I reated her for ulcers (fact: UlcerGuard must taste like candy cause she basically sucks on the tube like a straw - and this mare is an award winning detective horse for finding meds!), but when she developed horrendous blanket rubs overnight I did a bit of detective work myself, and uncovered that she was pacing non-stop in her paddock during the day. Not good for making plump ponies or barefoot feet (and probably helped to bring on a recent abscess). I deduced that the pacing developed as the paddocks near her became empty (horses in training in Florida for the winter, sale projects sold etc.) and as her nearest neighbor got turn-out during the day, she obviously felt abandoned on a property with 40 or so other horses, many still within view. I talked to the barn manager, and we moved her to an empty paddock that is surrounded by friends - she already has the the little blond chestnut gelding next to her wrapped around her hoof... The plan is to move her full time to a mares pasture in 3 weeks or so, or after everything dries out and a space opens up. I can tell she is much more settled in the new paddock - and I don't see that she is digging a hole to China with pacing...Glad the mystery is solved and we are on the upswing!


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