Speed Up to Slow Down

Tesla was SUPER EXCITED to come out and work on Saturday. She was ready to earn ALL THE TREATS ( I suspect due to a drop in temps, and the fact Tesla doesn't like wet ears meant she had holed up in her box all day...)

I alerted the one other rider in the ring that I might have a powder-keg. 

Things started off nicely:

nice uphill trot

Her trot was so forward and over her back and floaty (how is it one never has the video camera when there is uber fancy going on?!) but I got a glimpse of what all this training is doing :D

then, she tried so hard to keep listening but couldn't hold it together...

Actual Footage

She was bucking so high, the arena footing flew out of her hooves and was hitting the metal roof... I def. saw some some Capriole, and just couldn't stop laughing at her antics..nothing dangerous, just very dramatic and exuberant.

One of the gals came rushing in "I thought I heard fireworks!" She laughed, while the other rider giggled "I'm just sitting back to watch the show". (and I heard some lovely comments about Tesla's way of going as the hamster got back on the wheel again and Tesla settled down and offered some lovely soft work and I ended fairly soon after with a bit of groundwork. (no sense in endurance training for those sort of shenanigans!)

Who me? I am never anything but foot perfect.

and we wandered around the arena and took some time to stop and smell the roses,

A rare specimen: Jumpstandardus decorata
"Is that even the same horse?" the gals laughed. "Night and day!"

TB brains - sometimes you just gotta get their body moving to help the mind slow down ;)


  1. Yup- Irish was so much like that in his youth. I just had to let him go and then he would be all ready to work.

  2. The spring sillies are a real phenomenon, I tell ya! Nothing to do but laugh at them and be happy they feel so good!


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