Review: Life Data Hoof Clay

I've used this stuff for a few weeks now and I gotta say, I like it (and like what it is doing for the girl's feet!) It stays in place for days (if applied right) which is super convenient in nasty weather (looking at you rain & mud!) or if you will be outta town and don't want to bribe your barn-mates to pick out your horses feet everyday and/or come back to find a thrush party extravaganza.


A few tips and tricks:

1. You gotta actually apply it like mud - if you blob it in too thick, it will crack and fall out rather quickly (2 or so days) but if you smooth it in like you are making a clay pot it will stay much longer! It will even stay in bare hooves during riding - but not with boots on (not sure about shoes - couldn't do that experiment ;)

This video gives a good demonstration:

2. Babywipes work best to get it off your fingers, and you will want to, cause it dries your hands/fingers/nails/cuticles out!

3. The hoof has to be bone dry for the clay to stick. I scrub the hoof with a bit of betadine solution, or dilute tea tree oil to disinfect the hoof first. Then I dry it with a hoof pick wrapped around a bit of felt or clean rag, then apply the clay.

4. Buy the big tub. The little 10oz. tubs go real fast ;) well at least with 8 feet....


  1. hmmmmmm inneresting! i love life data stuff generally speaking, and have been packing a lot of hooves lately.....


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