Matchy matchy

While out and about this weekend I came across this vest from Free Country on sale for 19.99

It's down, super light, and warm (cause it has been near freezing all week at the barn!) and has stretch side panels to make it extra sleek.

Actually pretty sure it is a boy's medium...LOL

It fit me like a glove - but before I bought it, I thought, will it match? (Thanks, L ;)

and I thought about my saddle pads...

Yes will match.

will also match!

Cannot pair with Horze orange/navy breeches

but totes OK with riding jeans:

Ok these jeans are actually for bike riding, and I'm totally bummed Levi stopped making them!

So I bought it!

So far I don't have anything lime green tho....

but there is this High Vis pad has green piping on eBay....hmmmm...


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