Feeling' good

Due to a variety of factors, both girls had a very light week (read hoof picking, supplements, and grooming) as I adjusted to a new work schedule/commute and the temperatures plunged close to freezing most evenings at the barn. 

This weekend it was sunny, windy and slightly warmer. As we headed to the round pen, Tess was trot-walking (trolking?)  and I had to circle her a bunch to slow her roll, but when we got to the round pen and had to wait in line with horses running/playing in the pastures all around her, she kinda lost her mind. 

I didn't fall down but this gif is too close for comfort LOL via 900facebookpony

I had a snorting, tail in the air, hot mess on my hands as I put her in circles and she pretended to be the Black Stallion. It wasn't pretty at times, as I yelled "NO"  loudly at the most ridiculous antics, and snapped on the leap rope to get my point across  It is a delicate balance - I knew if I picked a full on fight she would win, and I really felt this was the result of an overflow of energy and feeling good rather than a deliberate attempt to be naughty, and really wanted to handle it in the round pen (where I could have better control over the situation) rather than on the end of a leadrope. 

When it was our turn in the round pen, sure enough she did a millisecond roll and then she wanted to play. So I let her have fun and get all the pent up willies out, and then she settled into some lovely work, nice and forward. and as we finished up, she let out a huge sigh, and her lower floppy lip and absolute obedience let me know that was exactly what she needed. But I learned my lesson - I'll have a longeline with me from now on, like Fran├žois .....


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