I was chatting with my trainer, and she recommended a supplement for Porsche that had worked well with her TB: Equi-Otic

I did some reading on it, and what struck me was that the microbes were sourced from horses - which made sense....and then I thought, well how did they isolate those microbes?

Yup, that's right.

I had done a lot of reading up for work on the scientific merits of fecal transfers. If you haven't heard of FTs here is a cutesy cartoon to explain how these transfers work:

while Porsche hasn't been on antibiotics, she has been on a round of Omeprezole, and proton pump inhibitors can also effect the gut microbiome (according to the latest top-tier Nature publication) and it got me thinking - I do have access to a healthy "donor",  one who is an easy keeper with good weight, and very consistent stool quality and quantity....
Basically A Big Black Pony with Magic on the Inside

Now before you think I am totally crazy, there is some scientific literature about it (like this dense review from the Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine) and an oral route has been shown to be effective, so I knew it wouldn't hurt Porsche and I decided to give it a try.

Happy to help

So I collected an Equine Fecal Transfer "donation" at the same time I took a sample for the Equine Microbiome Project (so convenient, Thanks Tess!) and added some of the liquid onto Porsche's grain for an oral administration.

 We'll see how my EFT experiment with n=1 works out :)