Bite v. Wait

It is funny the differing opinions equestrians have.

One guy at the barn yells "Bite!" which is the apparently is the signal for his horse to eat the carrot (or snap it in half?) which I always thought sounded really odd...


But apparently the way I train my horse is also just as weird, as he noticed me telling Tesla to "Wait" for her treat. Which means she needs to not be pushy, and she usually looks away, then leans back in for her treat repeatedly...

like so..

"That's an interesting training technique" he said,
and I just had to smile, cause I think the same thing about his ;)

There are also several girls who yell "hoof" to cue the horse to pick up it's feet. 

I always say "Lemme see" - hahaha..
(but Tess will pick them up for me all by herself as I move from hoof to  hoof <3)

Any training techniques/words (even your own) that make you giggle at the barn? 


  1. If Amber moves or does something she's not supposed to, I'll say "hey" or "excuse me" and she'll flick an ear back like "ohhh right. sorry" and move back to where she was lol. But that's about it haha.

  2. I get really weird looks for when I say 'foot' but my two horses will lift it up to pick out.


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