A Cautionary Tale

I've been on the lookout for a pair of tall black boots since my new years resolution to do at least one schooling show (would also be nice for clinics or lessons or photos too :) I could do it in my brown half-chaps, but ya'know  black horse, black saddle, so black boots would look spiff :) I took a tape-measure to myself and figured out all the dimensions, and just kept an eye open in no rush....I did a bit of homework on which brands were reputable and long-lasting, and then stumbled across a pair of boots on one of the FB sites which caught my eye (well more precisely the brand and the price caught my eye) 


I had heard great things about Dehners.  I asked for more pics - the bottoms looked pristine, the insides fully lined and very clean  - in fact the consignor mentioned she thought these boots had never been worn (I was willing to bet that from the pics too!) So even tho' these are technically a fox hunting dress style boot, the overall style is pretty classic, and I knew the quality would be there - and at $150, would cost me less than most paddock boots (and hopefully last forever)! They had some patent too - which is very on trend at the moment and super high maintenance - just what every aspiring DQ wants right?

Can you spot the problem here?

I was over the moon when they arrived, and squealing as I went to try them on....and I literally could not get my foot to make the turn. I had my sister who wears several sizes smaller than me have a go, and she couldn't get her foot in either. Whoever had put the heavy duty industrial zippers in needed to go an inch or so further down, in order to leave room for your heel to slide into the foot bed. I was gutted, but it wasn't worth it to re-add new zippers (runs about $150 here) just to see if the foot was a good fit, but the seller was great and said I could return them.. SO having handled the boots, the Dehners are lovely quality (will totes keep my eyes open for a pair - or save me pennies forever LOL) but I will be wary of non-original zippers added - and maybe ask for photos of the boot on from now on...and go down to my local gazillion dollar tack shoppe and get myself properly measured, so I know exactly what I'm looking for.....

Lesson Learned. 

What are your favourite brands/styles of tall dressage boots?


  1. Oh no! I would be so disappointed. I love the Tuff Rider boots

  2. Ugh, how frustrating!! I will say though, the fact that the zipper isn't black would have driven me crazy. Sometimes, I can be such a #hunterprincess

  3. I wear Ariats and they're okay. You can get brand new Tuff riders for $100 from riding warehouse with free shipping both ways.


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