Traffic School 4

As Tesla and I headed up to the arena, there were 2 lesson takers and a western rider already in the arena. 

Perfect for traffic school, Tesla!


I try to be respectful when folks are taking lessons, and wait until they are done to start longing - so I hand-walked Tess around the arena for a good 20min. or so. She was looky to be sure - but she had only one "nope" moment when a horse was cantering towards her, and she jumped back a few steps....but other than that she was really quite good. We also stood near the mounting block and watched as the riders whizzed around us - no problems.

As one rider left the arena, I got an OK to longe in the far corner and I made Tess walk while a jumping lesson started, and the western rider whizzed around us - She wanted to stop and look a few times as horses came close (OK response for now, better than bolting/backing/spinning, but the end goal is for her to ignore them)  We finished up with some lovely trot and canter work - before she got tucked into bed with her grain 1/2 scoop.

And I gotta shout out to my fellow barn-mates, folks are usually super positive when they see Tesla and I working through things - I always try and thank them for their patience as we learn.


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