Put yer $$$ where your mouth is!

So if I'm gonna criticize shavings in tails of horses ridden by 13yr olds, then I gotta take a good hard look at my own horses turn-out as well, right? Of course right!

It started with a lengthy session in the round pen (in which Tesla suddenly had no brakes and didn't wanna do down transitions. What is the answer to non-listening? MORE WORK! So I made her switch directions until she realized that slowing down was a whole lot easier than rollbacks. (It was lovely and warm out today - so I can't really blame her for having the zoomies)

She was a hot sweaty mess - so I hosed and scraped her, then brought her into the barn, where she proceeded to give everyone the most pitiful looks: 
"I'm so exhausted - look what a slave-driver she is!
The barn folks just laughed.

She needed time to dry out, so I went ahead and soaked her feet in CleanTrax.

Which also gave me a chance to break her bridle down and deep clean and condition it, and put a Myler bit on it (more to come on that later!) as well as take a curry to her to help her shed her winter coat.

Both girls love this Deckers one from Teddy's Tack Trunk - it is more flexible and soft than others I've tried (and they hated!) - the webbing is super comfortable for me too!

I curried her till she was dry and shiny and my arms felt like they were gonna fall off. 

Legit no substitute for elbow grease.

a barn mate had some of this clay for thrush and let me try some (she's the best!)

and I gotta say, it was easy to apply, and packed nicely into Tesla's feet....I'll let you know how it works!!


  1. When spring arrives here can you come and clean my horses? :D

  2. My horses are regularly gross, but I do clean them up before a clinic. I might need to try that hoof packing stuff. We just cannot kick that central sulcus crack.

    1. The thrush has been killer this year (and last!!)

  3. My horses are disgusting mud balls, despite the fact that I curry them nearly to death all. the. time. Is it warm enough to baths yet?!


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