Fix it: bits n lesson style

Had a lesson in the dressage saddle on Porsche with Trainer S. and once again - she kicked our bums (in the best way!)

We worked on a lot of circles: walk, trot and canter.  One of her favourite exercises for thoroughbreds is changing your posting diagonal on a circle to help the horse relax 
(Porsche isn't 100% sold on it yet - but she is coming around to it ;)

We worked on adjustability of the gaits, and especially on trot to canter transitions (which Porsche LOVES and then starts anticipating me like crazy! as soon as I quiet my posting or sit the trot, she transitions beautifully into the canter :) 


So we went back to a ton of walk-trot transitions after a bit of canter, to help bring her brain back into gear (and is what I should practice). And worked on baby shoulder-in at the trot, bending her in on the circle, and then leg yielding back out (two exercises at once, Huzzah!)

One thing Porsche likes to do is stretch her nose all the way to the ground, and while I want to encourage stretching, she also can't just throw herself to the ground and it also can't be an avoidance. So we worked on getting her to stretcher the topline and carry herself instead - I could feel the difference!

Also, the Sealtex bit wrap is MAGIC! Even Trainer S. could see how much quieter her mouth is getting (might also be my riding is better - I'm sure that is part of it too LOL).


  1. OMG Doc thinks stretch down means peanut roll your lips in the dirt. Kills me. Lots of transitions helps us a lot too!

  2. Sounds like a great ride! Good to hear about the sealtex working so well - I suggested it to a friend to try too bc it sounds like good stuff

  3. Niko is in the stage where his head goes from sky high to on the ground as he tries to figure out where, exactly, I want him. It's kinda funny... although not particularly fun to ride through LOL


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