Potential Leasers, Supracor and Cloning

Porsche's potential leaser came out to try her again but in the daylight (totes reasonable!)

packs folks around ALL THE TIME, even bit-less

and she was perfect (no surprise!)

C. brought her medium Neidersuss dressage saddle (which fit Porsche like a glove - mental note to self!) and the coolest Supracor half-pad, which is a biomimic of honeycomb (the science geek in me is grinning ear to ear). It has been used successfully in the medical industry to increase air circulation and minimize pressure points. 

It felt amazing! and Porsche definitely went well with it. I'm gonna be on the lookout for one of these in the future.

Porsche was great for C. and they both genuinely had a great time together. "Wow, she keeps you honest" C. commented - "Yup", I laughed "she tattles on me every time" :) 

By the end C. was fully convinced Porsche was a gem
(and wanted to clone her). Yup, don't I know it :)

Afterwards Porsche got lots of carrots and belly rubs: she wrapped herself around C. like a pretzel and had us in stitches.

always down for belly rubs, anytime, anywhere!!!

The barn is a bit of a drive for C. and that was her only reservation, but fingers crossed that this perfect match works out for everyone!! 


  1. AWWW Porsche's pose there is adorable!

  2. I hope the lease works out. I got a supracor pad from the woodside tack sale. It was a steal at only $25. I should use it more often.

    1. Awesome!! How do you & Levi & Nilla like the supracor??


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