Equestrian New Years Resolutions


#1: Bombproof to arena traffic.  She's at the place where I can really push the envelope now: Yes-you-must-work-even-tho-that-horse-half-your-size-is-passing-politely-on-the-outside.  
It just bears repeating :)

#2: Schooling show - I'd like to try for one this summer :)

Rockin' the fluffy summer bod


#1: Continue to work on growing better hoof quality. (This means supplemented biotin, Keratex applied liberally and often, and frequent mustang roll refreshes)

#2: Work on improving her topline/fitness (she already has put on some lovely neck muscle in a short time <3!)

and last but not least:


#1: Improve overall riding fitness (DRT2 here I come!) especially sidesaddle - 15min at the walk nearly killed me.

#2: MOAR regular lessons! On Porsche to improve me and on Tess to improve her (once she is traffic proof!)


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