Changing it up a bit

What goes in the horses mouth directly shows in their feet.

Ready to round up those cows ;)

I recently learned that even if Alfalfa does not cause a horse to get fizzy, it isn't always great for bare feet (whomp whomp). Even the trace amounts in Stable Mix (A product I still like!) can be problematic for some I started looking for an alternative....and I found a great local grain mix.

The local miller has been making this mix for 25 years, and swears by it (as well as all the photos of happy four-legged customers). The family is utterly proud of their custom no-filler grain mixture and when I did a quick analysis - everything that was lacking in Porsche and Tesla's forage diet (sans biotin) was in this mix. So, as soon as I use up the rest of the Augment, I'll add in CA trace for the biotin and the girls will be nutritionally balanced on the lowest bottom dollar for me - woo hoo!

I was worried that it might make the girls hot, but I can't taste the molasses (so there isn't much).  And over the last 4 weeks or so, they have done well on it and no rocket fuel!  Porsche needs to bulk up a bit, so she is getting a full scoop and a half, and Tess gets a half scoop (cause she is already a barrel LOL).


  1. I obsess over diets- I see I'm not alone. :)

  2. I had Levi on Stable Mix when we first got him because he refused to eat beet pulp or any other grains as he didn't think they were food. The stable mix is close enough to hay he was willing to eat it. I've looked into CA trace before, but LMF super Supplement is cheaper. It's also a ration balancer used to supplement hay fed horses. Not 100% the same ingredients, but ours do really well on it.


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