A Perfect Match

I've been on the lookout for a half-lease for Porsche for a few months now - I got to hear all kinds of crazy and ridiculous: 

"I want to lease 1x per week for all-day trail rides on Saturdays" -

don't we all sister, don't we all...

BUT, I think I may have found the perfect gal! C. came out to take the Porsche for a spin - and it was the coldest evening we've had this year.. with temps in the low 40's (I know, I know - weather for shorts in most of the country ;) and she said all the right things, and Porsche moved really well for her. It was so nice to have someone appreciate what a great, uncomplicated, fun little zoom zoom Porsche is! I couldn't be more proud :D

We scheduled another play day so C. could see her in daylight lol - and bring her dressage saddle to try...fingers crossed!