2017 Ambitions Review

1. Get Tesla more accepting of contact, working over her back, and bored, bored, bored of longing.

Checking this one off the list - Tesla's topline looks amazing. She used to be heavy in the contact and rude about pulling - nope, not no more!

So bored

2. Work Tesla 4-5x per week (girl loves routine!) and try and come out in both busy and quiet barn times too!

Checking this one off too! I totally came out to the barn 5x per week, and Tesla and I did LOTS of things :) While I'm mostly an evening rider, the new round pen made it easier to blow out some steam even in heavy traffic times (i.e. weekends/holidays ;)

3. Keep her mind engaged with trot poles/patterns, try at least one exercise from 100 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider each session!

Half check here - we did do lots of pole work (even backing over poles!) but epic fail on the 100 Dressage Exercises. I need to take it out to the barn with me!

4. Take lessons with Trainer J 2-4x per month (once we have graduated past longing ;)

Nope, regular lessons just did not happen this year.

5. Attend a schooling show/clinic this summer!! YAS - we can do it Tess!

Got pushed to 2018 - will definitely happen this year :) Gonna motivate myself by registering Tesla with the USDF ;D


  1. I need to get out the dressage exercise too. Yes you can d the schooling show


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