Testing out the buttons

Whew! Exercising two horses is a lot of work :) 

but makes me be way more efficient with my time!

Pretty sure Porsche had never been in a lit indoor (I know neither Trail Boss nor I had ever had her in one before) - so I took it slow and hand-walked her for a good 30 minutes while lessons/rides were happening all around us. She likes to look, and touch things with her nose - and then she is good to go - nothing phased her, not the other horses, or scary shadows  - I forgot what big girl brain felt like :)

But guess who put on her big girl pants tonight, why yes, Miss Tess!

I was working her on the longe over a ground pole - she will trot happily over it, but I have never gotten her to canter over one - that is, until tonight!

She was blowing like a freight train when we were done (all of 20 minutes!) but she was super proud of herself, and even took a bit of pressure when I firmly said "Yes, you will".

Super proud of both these girls!!