TAAHH Blog Hop: Your First Horse

Cathryn at Two and a Half Horses asked: What was your first horse?

My first horse was a buckskin paint named Goldie:

The Trail Boss bought her when she was 5 - she had never been backed, and had been allowed to run free in the hills (and she was completely surefooted and very aware of her body - if she stepped on your foot, she would lift off right away!). She did have extensive round-pen work, and was meant to be the personal riding horse of her breeder. So when the Trail Boss took a shine to her, the breeder named a ridiculous price, and was shocked when the Trail Boss said he'd take her.

She was out of a Grade Mare and by APHA Evil Cat:

He threw good bone and loud colour!

and boy was she loud! Three over the knee socks, ermine spots, a two-toned tail, that map of the world on her withers, and the edges of all her white markings would be blue in her summer coat (Tesla has just a touch of blue on her nose <3) and then buckskin to boot - girl had ALL THE BLINGS.

The Boss put all the miles on Goldie, until she was bomb-proof, and was super steady by the time I was big enough to ride her myself. I rode her everywhere: bareback and in a hackamore, she had more GO than whoa, but I never felt anything but safe on her, she knew her job and enjoyed the adventures we had as much as I did. 

When my folks moved and I went to college, we found her a great home with a little boy who needed a friend, she got to live out her days with a barn, blankets embroidered with her name, and winning blue ribbons.

I still look/feel like this every time I get on a horse (but with a helmet now, of course!) On the black horse - I think Goldie was still too green at this point for little equestriennes.


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