Perfect Match Part 1

In searching for the perfect person to have fun with Porsche part time, I've gotten some interesting responses so far:

Several folks want to move her to barns 1+hr away - which makes me uncomfortable as I wouldn't be able to check on her regularly... (also I kinda suspect they want to use her as a schoolie....and I'd prefer one person to dote on her :)

I also got this request:

Hi! I saw your post for a lease on your mare and am interested. I ride mostly H/J and was recently leasing a Westphalian warmblood mare before I moved here. The caveat is I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and need a horse that doesn't spoke, buck, or refuse at the jumps. Where is your mare located and for how much?

Yeah, I don't lease any horse to expecting mothers. 


  1. Horse people are truly the craziest hahah! Hope you find a good match soon

  2. I used to lease my horses out a lot and the crazy was unbearable. Last year I did a free 1/2 lease for Levi just to get him exercised and that worked out really well bc the girl wasn't crazy and the schedule was totally flexible. Good luck.

  3. It's never easy is it. Take your time and you will find the person.


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