Leasing on the horizon

Yup, that's right, I now have two sports cars!

The Trail Boss' back has been acting up, so he's taking a hiatus from riding, and the Porsche is too nice to just sit, so this weekend we hauled her up to be with me for a while. 

Barn folks noticed right away as I gave her a warm bath, "Hey - that isn't Tesla!" 

"She shrunk in the wash!" I laughed.

She settled in pretty quickly - and even when someone accidentally hit the panic button on their car right next to us, she didn't bat an eye "If that doesn't scare her nothing will!" the rider commented. 

Yeah, pretty much bomb-proof and while I've exposed her to lots of things - I can't take all the credit cause she just has a really great brain :D

Tesla and Porsche recognized each other - there was a bit of calling 
(but honestly, they never were really great friends out in pasture - well, Porsche wanted to be and Tesla was like gimme all your lunch lol.

I am legit gonna be horse crazy for awhile, and then try and see if I can find someone nice to ride little Porsche (since she is very forgiving and a lot of fun). 

Any advice/tips/stories about leasing?